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  1. (often followed by down) to make or become calm or silent
  2. to allay (fear or doubts)

Doing the dishes - Backup and Restore

By jhl - Posted on 05 February 2009

Performing backup and restore of your computer data is like doing the dishes - everyone knows it needs to be done, but no-one likes to do it. What we all want is a dishwasher. My own personal dishwasher is made up of four components:

In the beginning there was order

By jhl - Posted on 02 February 2009

How long does it take for your computer to become a real mess? I only ask because I'm currently starting over, due to a particularly virulent virus. Sigh. Of course, you might be looking at your shiny new computer. A few minutes thought should give you a strategy to keep things orderly.

Fortunately I did most of the 'right' things:


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